Florence Cassez

14.06.2012 – 16.06.2012

“A few months ago, I went to Mexico to visit Florence Cassez, imprisoned for almost 7 years. After being interested in her story, and especially after realizing the glaring injustice of which she was the victim, I wanted to meet her. In the prison of Tepépan, 9 500 km away”. Melissa Theuriau

Florence Cassez has been locked in prison in Mexico for almost 7 long years. Victim of a formidable plot, she never ceased to cry out her innocence. All the evidence of a grotesque staging has nevertheless been clearly provided. Florence found a kind of appeasement in painting a few years ago. She devotes herself to it so as not to cry out. To calm her anger and her pain.

The terrible disappointment of March 21, 2012 is matched only by the hope generated by the rapporteur of the Supreme Court, demanding her “immediate and absolute release”. It is a new and painful ordeal for Florence and her parents who survive after six and a half years of deprivation of liberty. A new waiting period has begun, indefinite and uncertain. Not forgetting her and continuing to support her in her fight for the truth, this is the issue to which her support committee has become attached.

It is in this context that Mélissa Theuriau is organizing an exhibition in Paris on June 14-15 and a sale on June 16, 2012.