Kim Tschang-Yeul

17.03.2016 – 07.05.2016

In collaboration with Galerie Enrico Navarra and Galerie Baudoin Lebon.

Kim Tschang-Yeul is the subject of numerous exhibitions in international institutions and on the occasion of prestigious contemporary art events. A museum dedicated to him will be inaugurated next fall on Jeju Island in Korea. This spring 2016, Baudoin Lebon, Enrico Navarra and Emmanuel Barth have designed a double exhibition and a catalog in tribute to their respective and successive collaborations with Kim Tschang-Yeul.

Two visions focused on the work of Master Kim. The works presented by the 75 Faubourg gallery are the result of a choice marked by the diversity and inflections of color. The principle of recurrence creating an equal dialogue between the ideogram and the motif of the drop. As a counterpoint, the Baudoin Lebon gallery presents works animated by a sober and refined composition, the background mostly bare, revealing the unique motif that has made up the reputation of the Master: the drop of water.