"80's IN PRINTS"

19.02.2021 – 09.04.2021

The mid-1980s saw the emergence of new modes of print production and distribution. Through these new techniques, the actors of the artistic scene aimed to democratise art. Among them, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Willem de Kooning, Keith Haring, Robert Indiana, A.R. Penck, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and Tom Wesselmann all explored the new opportunities offered by prints, and analysed how these go beyond the traditional framework to respond to an artistic approach. Whether they are silkscreens, lithographs or engravings, the multiple works come from techniques which guarantee the quality of the said reproduction: a significant deposit of ink which guarantees an intense color, a conservation of the color in time, and optimal opacity. The choice of paper by the artist is also decisive for the desired final effect. The 1980s therefore witnessed a greater amount of production of color prints and graphics. 

Long perceived as minor compared to a unique work, the edition has made a comeback on the international artistic scene for a dozen years, as evidenced by the revaluation of editions in fairs, museums, galleries, auction houses, and the choice of contemporary artists to create their own multiples. 

The 75 Faubourg gallery is delighted to present its exhibition “80’s IN PRINTS”, bringing together about fifteen silkscreens and lithographs from the 80s, all produced during the artists’ lifetime.