Benoît Gysembergh.

"The photo in the front line"

27.11.2013 – 13.12.2013

Benoît Gysemberg is a famous committed photographer-reporter, spotted very early by the magazine Paris Match.

Unfortunately gone too soon, he took majestic and authentic shots during his many dangerous and high-risk journeys, in the various countries at war that he may have encountered throughout his crazy and frenzied career.

He photographed rich and magical moments, various celebrities and influential people such as Catherine Deneuve, François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy, as well as a heartbreaking and emotionally filled scene of a disillusioned young boy hanging out in the streets of Léon in Nicaragua.

He had many facets. And that’s what made his work exceptional and intoxicating. The 75 Faubourg gallery retrospectively retraces his work, through its valiant and passionate photos and reports.