Jean-Marie Appriou, Sam Falls, Shara Hughes

01.09.2021 – 29.09.2021

Galerie 75 Faubourg is delighted to welcome you from Wednesday, September 1st to discover its new exhibition in collaboration with Galerie Eva Presenhuber, presenting new and significant works by Jean-Marie Appriou, Sam Falls, and Shara Hughes.

Jean-Marie Appriou

Jean-Marie Appriou’s sculptures evoke archaic forms and are inspired by contemporary but also mythological and futuristic worlds. Whether working in metal or glass, Appriou constantly furthers the potential of his source material through experimental production techniques or even by bringing the two together. By alluding to familiar forms, be they animal or human, and developing his unique, almost alchemical approach to material, Appriou has created his very own mythology.

Sam Falls

Concerned with the intimacy of time, the illustration of place, and the exploration of mortality, Sam Falls has created his own formal language by intertwining photography’s core parameters of time and exposure with nature and her elements. Working largely outdoors with vernacular materials and nature as a site-specific subject, Falls abandons mechanical reproduction in favor of a more symbiotic relationship between subject and object. In doing so, he bridges the gap between photography, sculpture, and painting, as well as the divide between artist, object, and viewer.

Shara Hughes

Shara Hughes refers to her paintings and drawings as psychological or invented landscapes, a term that derives from her working process and describes the way her paintings are created only in the very moment of painting. Hughes states that during painting, her works are created purely from the inside; this inside, however, is strongly informed by a deep knowledge of art history as well as the work of contemporary peers, as her frenetic colors and vibrant brushstrokes, encompassing everything from monochromatic fields to harsh lines and dots, show.