Kenny Scharf.

"Paradis Perdu"

20.10.2018 – 21.12.2018

It’s been 25 years since Kenny Scharf’s last solo exhibition in Paris! 

Following a proposal from New York gallery owner Tony Shafrazi, Emmanuel Barth, Doriano and Enrico Navarra now hope to make up for this by hosting the exhibition “Paradis Perdu” at Galerie 75 Faubourg from October 22nd to November 23rd, 2018. 

The opening will take place at the gallery on October 20th from 3pm onwards, and will have a late-night conclusion at the VIP Room, where original works created for this event will be displayed. 

Kenny Scharf is too often reduced to his reputation as survivor of the trio he formed with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring… But he is above all the creator of the coherent work of a persevering artist, who has made no concessions either to the Zeitgeist or to the passing of time. 

He brings new life to litter, to more or less obsolete cars, and to the discards of consumer society by using such objects as blank canvases on which to paint. For let us not forget that Kenny Scharf is first and foremost a painter! He works quickly but like a workaholic, with discipline, enthusiasm and goodwill. With humour too: he caricatures his neuroses and makes a concerted effort to direct attention to his concerns for the environment. […]