Enrico Dagnino.


29.10.2015 - 11.12.2015

The war photographer Enrico Dagnino started his career in 1989. He covered most of the big world events since the fall of the Berlin wall. In the 90’s, he followed the political events in Romania, the bombing of ex-Yugoslavia, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the attacks of September 11th 2001. His collaborations with the international press have also brought him to Afghanistan during the invasion of the United States, to Iraq during the first American incursions, and to Rwanda on the route of the refugees. In Kenya, he covered the inter-ethnical confrontations, followed by the presidential elections of 2007, where he took photos of Barack Obama’s grandmother before the election of her grandson. These are snapshots of the world.

For this exhibition at the 75 Faubourg gallery, Enrico Dagnino does not stop at exhibiting his photographs. He exhibits himself, by reconstructing the office of his Parisian apartment, with his intimate universe, his memories, the photos of his relatives, and the horror images that he covers with childish drawings or sentences to exorcise the fear of death and destruction.

With this installation, Enrico Dagnino allows the viewer to get into his head. As in combat, he puts himself in the open, in pictures or by confessing in writing. He never gets lost in the romantic repertoire of the war reporter, of the fearless hero, or the one who dominates it, the one who needs his dose of adrenaline, or risks his life to inform on the state of the planet.

He lays his cards on the table. Photography imposed itself on him as an absolute necessity: “Without it, I would be dead or in prison.”