Qiu Anxiong.


27.05.2014 - 30.06.2014

The sense of vigilance, A striking gaze, Mian Mian, exhibition curator

“Qiu Anxiong’s way of creation has nexus to the spiritual pursuit of the contemporary Chinese people. 

We gradually realize that the loss of historical conscious is akin to the loss of sense of self-identity. The main topic of Qiu’s works has always been “Time” regardless of the medium or the picture he used. He strives to look for “Moments” in his paintings, and to look for  “The passage of time” in his images.

Qiu’s artworks demonstrate open-mindedness and keen acuity, a natural sense of vigilance, a striking glance that emanates from his experience, without any constraints, except for caution and attention of the striking glance itself. His works are direct, refreshing and gifted, including the interest of details of life, and the appreciation of all kinds of experiences.

Qiu’s whole creation progress does not involve any thoughts of rivalry, money, failure, excitement or competition. Yet it restores a true contemporary Chinese reality: the great crack in our hearts, our struggles against absurdity, China’s uncertainty in the face of its awakening and its progression towards prosperity, the deep meaning of the crisis, being heavily besieged by the world and violently breaking free, syndromes of the tormented souls of China’s children.”